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Mississauga Animal Hospital

Radiology and Ultrasound

Our Hospital offers advanced imaging services at our facility. Our team is trained in radiology (x-rays) and ultrasonography.

Our veterinary team specializes in running and interpreting a variety of advanced imaging tests. Radiologists closely collaborate with other doctors, surgeons, and other specialists to effectively diagnose ailments afflicting your pet.

Tests Offered:

Our team is capable of running a variety of different tests and procedures that may shed light on the health problem your pet is dealing with. We aim to stay on the forefront of a constantly advancing field of veterinary medicine. Our facility is equipped with top-of-the-line technologies to best serve you and your pet.

  • X-rays: This test can be used to accurately view an animal’s bone structure, bone fractures, view organs (i.e. heart, lungs, etc.), and foreign objects in the body. This test is also used to monitor animal pregnancy.

  • Ultrasounds: This test can be used to examine some internal organs. 

Common Problems We Diagnose:

Veterinary radiologists are not directly involved in the treatment of pets, but they are vital to accurately and rapidly diagnosing health problems. The following list, while not exhaustive, details issues that our veterinary team can aid in identifying.

  • Cancer: Diagnostic imaging can determine the location and severity of tumors and masses. 

  • Heart disease: The heart’s health can be monitored by tests that show its size and any irregularities present.

  • Respiratory illness: Some procedures can show any issues, fluids, or abnormalities in the lungs and airways of an animal. 

The veterinary radiology team at our Hospital can aid in diagnosing any health problem that your pet may be currently facing. If you have any questions about the imaging tests we provide, our office is happy to assist you.